• "If past history was all

    there was to the game,

    the richest people

    would be librarians."

    ~ Warren Buffett
  • "The investor's

    chief problem -

    even his worst enemy -

    is likely to be himself."

    ~ Benjamin Graham
  • "The four most

    dangerous words in

    investing are:

    ‘this time it's different.’"

    ~ Sir John Templeton
  • "The individual investor

    should act consistently

    as an investor and

    not as a speculator."

    ~ Benjamin Graham
  • "An investment

    in knowledge pays

    the best interest."

    ~ Benjamin Franklin

About us

Gemmer Asset Management LLC is an employee-owned, independent firm that specializes in providing advisors with a suite of services to make their lives easier so they can better serve their clients. These services include sound investment strategies, comprehensive back-office support and high levels of personalized attention.

Our investment philosophy is simple. We follow a risk-managed, asset allocation approach that works with world-class investment managers to provide top-rated mutual funds, ETFs, separately managed accounts and other vehicles that help build portfolios.
Our clients are independent financial professionals in Northern California. Our commitment is to enable them to focus on the unique needs of their clients, while we focus on the investment management and back office duties they need to be successful.
Gemmer Asset Management LLC is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor.



Since 1992, we have been providing high quality, unbiased investment management services to the local Bay Area community. From our very first day, our focus has been on supporting independent financial advisors and their clients through sound investment strategies, comprehensive back-office support and high levels of personalized service. We pride ourselves on the strength of the partnerships we have with advisors and, in turn, helping them partner successfully with their clients. 


When he decided to open the doors of the firm that bears his name, David Gemmer knew that it was virtually impossible for an advisor to become an expert in everything – portfolio management, estate planning, insurance, marketing, reporting, etc. – and also to give clients the attention they need and deserve. Gemmer’s model, therefore, was to provide a full suite of “outsourced” services for advisors, enabling them to focus on their own clients while growing their businesses. 


Back then, the concept of “outsourcing” asset management services was virtually unheard of. Today, an entire industry has evolved around this business. And as the industry has grown, so too has Gemmer. Today, as a wholly employee-owned firm, we are committed to working with our advisors to provide objective portfolio management and a level of customization not found anywhere else. 

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