• "If past history was all

    there was to the game,

    the richest people

    would be librarians."

    ~ Warren Buffett
  • "The investor's

    chief problem -

    even his worst enemy -

    is likely to be himself."

    ~ Benjamin Graham
  • "The four most

    dangerous words in

    investing are:

    ‘this time it's different.’"

    ~ Sir John Templeton
  • "The individual investor

    should act consistently

    as an investor and

    not as a speculator."

    ~ Benjamin Graham
  • "An investment

    in knowledge pays

    the best interest."

    ~ Benjamin Franklin

Investment Philosophy

Manager/ETF Selection

At Gemmer, we know that the key to consistent performance is the scrupulous evaluation and selection of managers/ETFs for the asset classes we build into our portfolios. We will search the country to find high-quality institutional money managers, and select them only after a painstaking and thorough process that involves sifting through and analyzing thousands of strategies. Through a series of intricate investment criteria, we select approximately 200 managers that we follow on a daily basis.



of managers


level 1 research screen

  • Consistently Solid Long Term Performers
  • Low Volatility
  • Tenured Management
  • Promising Startups
  • Compare Against Benchmarks & Indexes
  • Reasonable Expense Ratios

200 managers

on gemmer watchlist


level 2 research screen

  • Well Articulated Research Process
  • Purchase / Selling Discipline
  • Management team Depth
  • Passion for Investing
  • Personal Assets Invested in the Fund
40 managers
oN gemmer short list

final selection screen

  • Continue Daily Tracking
  • Interview Management Team Quarterly
  • Meet with Lead Manager Regularly
10-20 managers
used in the
various portfolios


From this group, we thoroughly evaluate each manager and determine whether it fits into our asset class and style diversification criteria. Importantly, we look at each firm’s record:

  • Who makes the key decisions?

  • How long have they been managing the fund?

  • What is their investment philosophy?

  • What is their management style?

  • Can they move quickly if market and economic conditions warrant it?


And throughout this process, we have our clients’ concerns in mind. As a result, at the end of this rigorous process, we have a high level of confidence in the mutual funds/ETFs that are included in our diversified portfolios.


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