Investment Philosophy

Gemmer’s investment philosophy is built upon a rigorous, time-tested, research-driven approach that incorporates three distinct steps: 

Modern Portfolio Theory

We utilize the tried and true principles of Modern Portfolio Theory (a Nobel Prize-winning concept) to ensure portfolios are well diversified across all major asset classes. 

To learn more about how we do this, as well as the benefits of proper diversification.

Tactical Asset Class Shifts

After careful research into global longer term – three to five years – and shorter term – up to 12 months – market trends, we look to overweight certain sectors that appear undervalued or offer compelling opportunities, as well as to underweight areas of the market that appear overvalued. 

Manager/ETF Selection

At Gemmer, we take scrupulous care when evaluating managers and/or ETFs to be included in our portfolios. That’s why we perform comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis on institutional money managers before we hire them.